How to Create, Grow & Monetize Your Podcast

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 What You Will Learn

  • How to choose a podcast topic & show idea

  • What equipment you need to purchase. (Must have/Nice to have)

  • How to come up with an endless supply of episode ideas

  • The four types of podcast show structures

  • How to produce & publish to podcast directories

  • Seven ways to make money with your podcast

  • How to measure your podcast success

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 This is a must attend if…

  • You don't have a strategy to create content for your photography or business

  • You are struggling to find a way to market your photography or business consistently

  • You want a way to build credibility for yourself as an influencer or thought leader

  • You want to create better search results for your name & business

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In today’s environment, with declining opportunities for photographers, podcasting can help you reach more customers and connect with them in a much deeper way than you can with blogs or social media.

Podcasting can be the edge you need to stand out in a crowded market. Learn how to create, grow, and monetize your podcast at this free training.


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