Throwback - Niagara Falls 2015


Honestly, I should have known better.

When my wife suggested that we drive up to Niagara Falls for an overnight trip, I said “Sure! That sounds like fun!”

And then I did absolutely nothing else to prepare. You can imagine how silly I felt when we arrived, and I had no clue what I was going to photograph. I didn’t know what were the best photo ops or the ideal times to photograph them. I was a complete tourist.

There was no excuse for this. I had even published a whole podcast episode on how you plan for a vacation. 

I muddled my way through and made some notes for the next time I returned. I share them below, because I haven’t needed them since. Figures.


My notes from the trip

Photo ops

  • Prospect Point

  • Observation Tower ($1 - best bang for the buck)

  • Crows Nest

  • Goat Island

  • Maid of the Mist

  • Horseshoe Falls

The Light

  • Sets onto the falls.

  • Rises behind it but can create your rainbows

  • Check sunrise & sunset times

  • TPE

Tools to take

  • DSLR, Mirrorless, or compact camera

  • Weather sealed helpful

  • Tripod (not essential but can be helpful)

  • Medium zoom for most vista shots

  • Telephoto zoom for close ups across the park

  • Macro for occasional flower shots (optional)

  • Wide angle for the Horseshoe falls

  • Loupe


  • Only one official Visitor's Center. Beware all the sales centers preetending to be the visitor's center

  • You can do it on your own. There's no photography benefit to buying the $200 tour packages.

  • Parking should only cost $10. The guys flagging you down can be more.

  • Paid parking is good for all three lots.

  • Park trolley is good investment if you don't want to hoof it around with all your gear - $3

  • Best days to visit - weekdays