Hawthorne NYS & W Railroad Station

Hawthorne Depot.jpg

In search of Hawthorne landmarks

I asked my wife, a Hawthorne native, what is a uniquely Hawthorne landmark, and without thinking, she said, “the Hawthorne Depot.”

You gotta admit, this is a fairly obvious icon. It literally says, “Hawthorne.”

I’d like to photograph a Hawthorne series, so the depot is a great start.

I hope they’re all this easy.


About the Station

The station is a two-room, one-story, street-level wooden structure with green and red paint. Formerly the station served as the ticket office for the commuter train stop (offered until June 30th 1966) and freight depot building. The current structure has been located on this corner since 1894 when it replaced the original station that had burned one year prior.

Hawthorne station is leased by the VRA aka Volunteer Railroaders Association from the NYS&W RR aka New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway, the station's present owner. The VRA uses the station as a ticket office for their fund raising Easter Bunny train rides and Santa Train Ride in NJ for the benefit the future NJ State Transportation Museum.

- Volunteer Railroaders Association

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