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Thanks for agreeing to appear on the EOS Photographer podcast.

I’m excited that you decided to share your time and expertise with our audience. Here is some information to help you prepare for our interview. 


About the podcast

EOS Photographer is a weekly photography podcast for Canon photographers. Through a series of discussions, expert interviews, and photo challenges, the podcast helps photographers grow from beginner to brand.

In addition to providing tips and discussions on improving photography, we often look for topics that will inspire enthusiast photographers. Here are sample topic areas we address using interviews:

  • How to/Lessons learned in a photo genre/technique

  • Professional development for photographers;

  • Strategies for creativity;

  • Workflow and organization; and Tools for success.


About the audience

Our audience is comprised of photographers who are on the journey from a beginner to an advanced enthusiast.


About the format

The podcast agenda is relatively simple. Guests discuss their expertise or any topic while providing specific photography tips.

For instance, our interview might follow this format:

  • Questions about your background

  • Share any stories or inspirations behind your work.

  • What are the most significant mistakes photographers make in your genre?

  • What are the challenges to doing this correctly?

  • What are 3-5 specific tips for improvement (this will be the bulk of the conversation)

  • What are the tools needed for success?

    • Camera bodies

    • Lenses

    • Speedlites & modifiers

  • Opportunity to promote your products

  • Where can people find you online?

Guest interviews range from about 15 - 30 minutes.



Our audio interviews are recorded using the Zencastr platform. I will send you a link that you will use to connect to our recording system. I'll ask you to use a headset and microphone to ensure the best quality sound.

If you have any books or material you would like to promote, I welcome that at the end of your interview.


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