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World Wide Photo Walk - In the Squares

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New York City is the backdrop for iconic street photography, but the city really comes alive in the squares.

Our photo walk will be a great opportunity for street photography and street portraits from Union Square Park to Washington Square Park.


Street Portraits from Both Parks


We will start at Union Square Park, which is always bustling with activities and potential visual stories. You can choose from the Hare Krishna chants, young acrobatic skateboarders, wise chess masters, and other locals just hanging out.

Union Square Park

Chess Masters.JPG

After we have worked that location for a while, we will wander down to Washington Square Park. Washington Square Park is home to the iconic Washington Square Arch and a fountain that is one of the popular spots for residents.


Washington Square Park

Football fountain.JPG

The park has all the same kinds of energy as Union Square, but Washington Square takes it to the next level.You might even see someone playing as grand piano or Shakespeare in the Park.

We can end the day here at 5 pm, or if you are still feeling adventurous, go wandering through The Village.


Artist at Work in Union Square Park

Robert Vargas @therobertvargas