116 - 5 Ps of Travel Photography - A Comprehensive Guide

5 Ps Travel Photography.jpg

Scott Kelby shared a moment of honesty you don’t normally hear from professional photographers.

“Do you know how you can take better pictures? Go somewhere interesting!” he joked during a presentation at PhotoPlus Expo. “Do you see this photo?” he said of a spectacular sunset image. “I just showed up and pressed the button.”

Of course Scott is simplifying his role quite a bit. He’s right that travel photography is a great way to create photographs, but it requires more than showing up and pushing a button. Follow these 5 Ps for great travel photographs and travel photography experiences.


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  • Choose somewhere interesting

  • Research to see what other photographers have created

  • Check the light

  • Look up local laws

  • Create shot lists

  • Decide pack light vs take everything

  • Packing list

  • Practice

Producing (or shooting)

  • Work your shot list

  • Turn around at locations

  • Use EADS for complete coverage

  • Use six shooter approach

  • Situational awareness and safety

People relations

  • Make friends

  • Approach person to person before photographer to subject

  • More important to click with people before you click the shutter

Post production

  • Edit down ruthlessly

  • Group thematically & tell stories

  • Crop & experiment. It doesn’t have to look like you shot it.


  • Show and share your work

  • Make books or prints

  • Share your best on blog & social