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119 - How to create street photography with YouTuber Josh Katz

Street photography is one of the more accessible yet challenging forms of photography. As long as you have a camera, any camera, it’s available to you.

We’ve been seeing it in some form or another for several decades now. But if you want to be good, you have to work at it. You have to decide which approach you want to take and how you will go about creating. Should you engage or not engage people. And how you will deal with them?

Josh Katz has not only thought about all these issues, he has also been sharing and teaching about them on his popular YouTube channel.

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117 - Scott Kelby - ‘talking about two of my favorite things, photography & sports’

For a photographer and sports fan growing up in a football town, there’s one question you always dream of hearing, “would you like to shoot from the sidelines of an NFL game?”

And for Scott Kelby, the dream came true. He shot for three years as a backup wire service photographer and another six years as the primary wire service photographer covering his hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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115 - Rick Sammon's life in photography

If you spend more than five minutes with Rick Sammon, you are bound to learn something about photography. After photographing more than 100 countries throughout his career, there are few things he hasn’t seen and photographed...or taught others how to shoot.

How did he happen upon this life in photography? That’s how we begin this conversation with Rick Sammon. He tells us about the first time he picked up a camera, how he fell in love with photography, and how he built his business.

And along the way, he also teaches us about photography.

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112 - Getting the most out of a conference with Skip Cohen

Before you pack your bags and take off for the next photography conference, how do you make sure that the experience will be productive?

Many photographers arrive at the latest trade show with lots of excitement and then get completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and information.

Skip Cohen has participated in conferences as an organizer, vendor, speaker, and attendee. He shares his tips on how photographers can get the most out of your next meeting or event.

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111 - ClickCon founder - the one decision that turned her life around

Sherry Hagerman was divorced, single mom of two with $700 to her name when she made a decision that changed her life. She had been trying to get her photography business off the ground with little success and was worried that once her money ran out, she would also be out of options.

What happened next, a gambler might say she pushed all her chips to the middle of the table. You could even say she bet on herself. Or you could say she made a strategic investment. However you say it, the next step took guts. Sherry took her $700 and registered for a photography conference. And what happened at the conference created one of the great turnaround stories in our industry.

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109 - How to photograph beverages with Freddy Clark

If you’ve ever experienced your mouth watering, just because you were looking at a photo of a cold drink, you can thank people like Freddy Clark.

Beverage photography is a more challenging subset of food photography. Instagram overflows with photos from people snapshotting their meals, but when you want to set up a stylized shoot of a beverage in a glass or bottle, that’s a different level of effort.

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108 - How to photograph automobiles with Jim Rose

Whether they are roaring by at 200 miles per hour or parked in the perfect light, automobiles can be both thrilling and challenging to photograph.

Jim Rose should know. He’s been a fan and photographer of automobiles for almost 40 years. A former Canon USA instructor, Jim learned photography to have something to do while he was watching cars race. He turned photography into a career with Canon and now he’s here to share his best lessons on how to photograph automobiles.

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Finding a photography mentor with Peggy Farren

"Hi, Joe McNally? You don't know me, but I'm Lyn Morton. I'm a big fan of your work, but even more so, I love the way you teach. You see, I'm also a photographer and photo coach. I was wondering if you would be my mentor?

"Why would you do that? What's in it for you?!

"Good questions...." Hmmm...

If you've ever imagined asking someone to be your photography mentor and feared the conversation would end like that, Peggy Farren has some tips for you.

Peggy is a portrait and wedding photographer in Naples, Fla. She joins us today to make the case that you need a photography mentor or even a photo buddy, and she has several tips to help you you find one.

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Inspiration from Canon Explorer of Light Parish Kohanim

Let's start with the end first. When I asked Parish Kohanim what advice he would give to a photographer who aspires to make a real impact, his advice was succinct.

"Listen to your own voice... Don't listen to people. They will give you a hundred different opinions that don't speak your voice... Your intuition is the most powerful voice that you could listen to."

That might seem like easy advice to dispense from a photographer with a resume like Parish has.

But there were other voices — a famous fashion designer who told him to give up photography because he had no future in it. And his first college instructors who never liked anything he created. 

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