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114 - Choosing the right shooting mode on your DSLR

Today, we go back to basics. I’ve heard from a number of you that you are struggling to learn your DSLRs…that you struggle with shooting in manual mode. That you aren’t sure what all the buttons on your camera do. That you need to be more comfortable learning your camera. Well, I have a couple of resources for you.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the basics of exposure, all of the options in your creative modes; and how you choose the correct shooting mode. By the end of this podcast, you should have a process to start taking control of your camera.

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113 - A practical approach to the creative process

Ever feel like just screaming when you download your photos from a shoot?

You wasted so much time fidgeting with your camera rather than shooting. And the photo you thought would be the money shot? You’d go broke.

To make things worse, everyone else from the same shoot is posting these amazing images. The whole experience has you wondering, "What am I doing wrong?"

If this sounds like you, I created a lesson for you that I planned to begin teaching today. But then there more I thought about it, the more I felt that to help you, we have to deal with a few issues before we even touch the camera.

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111 - ClickCon founder - the one decision that turned her life around

Sherry Hagerman was divorced, single mom of two with $700 to her name when she made a decision that changed her life. She had been trying to get her photography business off the ground with little success and was worried that once her money ran out, she would also be out of options.

What happened next, a gambler might say she pushed all her chips to the middle of the table. You could even say she bet on herself. Or you could say she made a strategic investment. However you say it, the next step took guts. Sherry took her $700 and registered for a photography conference. And what happened at the conference created one of the great turnaround stories in our industry.

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