104 - Setting up your new Canon camera


I got a text from my Mom last week. She said, “did you see the Groupon with Canon T6Is? They sold thousands of them.”

I hadn’t, but I know those cameras have been selling well for a long time. Places like Costco churn them out by the ton. Well, if you have one of them, you’re going to need to get it set up.

This information is helpful not just for newbies but for anyone who picked up a used camera or even a rental. Let’s say you rent a camera for a job. You’ll want to go through these settings to make sure you don’t get stuck with the last renter’s decisions. And the used camera? Part of making a camera yours means going through these choices.

I broke the settings into three categories —

1. Set it and forget it — personalize your camera with these choices. You shouldn’t have to worry about them again.

2. Set it and know where to find it. — You should know where to find these settings before you go out to shoot. You’ll adjust them depending on what kind of photography you’re doing.

3. Set it and keep setting it — You are actively adjusting these settings as you shoot.


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Three levels of settings

Download your free PDF book.

Download your free PDF book.

Set it and forget it

  • Download a pdf of your camera manual.

  • Basic settings — language, time zone, copyright info, sounds/beeps

  • Date/Time - Under the Camera Tools section of the Menu. Helps you sort and find images later.

  • File Numbering. You can decide if you want numbering to start over each time, but more importantly, you can change the prefix. For my camera, I always change the three letter combination to LYN. If I’m in a shoot with other photographers, I can always tell my images at a glance.

  • Set your diopter and eyepiece. Overlooking this step is easy. It’s the knob to the side of the eyepiece. Look into your viewfinder and adjust it until the numbers at the bottom are in focus.

  • Custom menu options. Set up the common choices in the Custom Menu.

  • Image review time. In mirrorless - Image review off or on.

  • Auto rotate. For the camera. For the computer.


Set it and know where to find it

  • Format new cards. Yellow Tool menu. Press set. Wipes the card clean.

  • Picture Styles. Adjusts sharpness, saturation, and contrast. It is applied to preview. You can see it applied to Raw if you open it in Digital Photo Professional software.

  • Image type (CANONIZE)

  • Image quality. Red Shooting menu. Choose image size and quality.

  • Download & set up Canon Camera Connect

  • Wi-Fi function.

  • My Menu Settings

  • Release shutter without card. Disable this option so your camera will not focus or shoot without a memory card.Info button display option

  • Q Button. Quick access.


Set it and keep setting it

  • Find basic shooting modes setting

  • Metering, exposure & flash compensation

  • Single/continuous shooting

  • White balance

  • Shooting info display options

  • AF Operations

  • Manual/AF Selection points. Choose from Single-point Spat AF, Single-Point AF, AF Point Expansion, Zone AF

  • Drive modes

  • Format card

  • Reset routines


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