110 - Questions that lead to better storytelling photography

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Bonus Episode

You can get all the technical things correct, light, composition, exposure — and still get a so what picture. How do you fix it? Ask yourself these questions to find the story for your photo.

Storytelling elements are the one feature that can make good pictures great and even memorable. Good storytelling is helpful if you are doing travel photography, street photography, photojournalism, sports and action. And as Freddy told us in Episode 109, even with Food & Beverage Photography.

In this episode, I discuss the questions that can lead you to better storytelling photography. I extracted the core lesson from an old Facebook Live recording I did about 3-4 years ago. I was listening to it recently and realized it is still relevant today.


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I’ve found that most photographers are great at looking for the artistic picture but often miss at looking for the story. How do you do that? It can be in the questions you ask yourself.

For better storytelling photography, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is participating? You are telling their story.

  • Who is being affected by the activity.

  • Who is reacting to the action?

  • What are they doing? What’s happening?

  • What is significant or remarkable about this?

  • Why should we care?

  • Where do you stand for the best vantage point?

  • Are there any other good viewpoints? The winner? The loser? Family or loved ones?

  • How do they feel? How do you feel looking on?

  • What happens next?

Look for the action. Look for the emotion. Look for the story. More than that, look for the height of the action and emotion.

These are just starter questions to get you thinking about the story. Do you want better answers? Ask better questions.