Is the EOS RP a better value than the EOS 6D Mark II?


Now and then I hear a question where the answer might be something outside of what the questioner considered.

I was browsing through the Canon Camera Users FB Group when I saw this question from Daniel.


I jotted a quick answer to Daniel, but I wanted to offer a different option. Here’s what I would have said if I had the time and space.

Daniel, I’m glad you are considering a full frame. You can’t go wrong with that kind of an upgrade. In just moving to full frame alone, you will notice several improvements in your images:

  • Improved ISO performance;

  • Greater dynamic range; and

  • More shallow depth of field.

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For those improvements and more, the EOS 6D Mark II is a great option. Based on your description of your photography, however, I think you should consider the Canon EOS RP.

Canon released the EOS RP as light and affordable way for a beginner photographer to get into full-frame photography. If most of your photography is centered around family events — going to the zoo and taking selfies — your profile is pretty close the users Canon envisioned for this camera. But don’t take my word for it. Here are some reasons. You can judge for yourself.


Why you might consider EOS RP a better value.

  • The Canon EOS RP is less expensive than the EOS 6D Mark II. Today on Canon’s Shop Direct site, the EOS RP lists at $1,299. (Currently, it is being bundled with a free Mount Adapter and Extension Grip.) An EOS 6D Mark II body sells for $1,499 on the same site.

  • An Electronic Viewfinder. I love this feature of mirrorless cameras far more than I thought I would. With an EVF, you never have to take the camera away from your eye to make adjustments. You can see the image as it will appear, before pressing the shutter. You will know if your image is overexposed, underexposed, or if you have other wrong settings right in the viewfinder. Make your adjustments and shoot without having to chimp.

  • Wider range of lenses available to you. Remember the free adapter I mentioned earlier? With it, you have almost the entire Canon lens lineup available to you. This camera system can shoot with EF-S, EF, & RF lens systems. The only lenses you’ll have to leave on the shelf are the EF-M models. You will have more flexibility with the EOS RP.

  • Better lens options going forward. Oh yeah, RF lenses are the future for Canon. That’s likely where you will see the advances in technology. You can benefit from those advances with the EOS RP.

  • Eye Detect Auto Focus. Turn on Eye Detect AF, and the camera automatically focuses on the closest eye. Remember those selfies you like to take? They just got way easier.

  • Silent shooting. No one should ever shush you or give you dirty looks for taking photos at inappropriate times. With silent shooting activated, no one will know when you have made an image, as there is no sound to clue them.

  • Focus stacking. This is more of a semi-advanced feature, but it can be fun to use. With focus stacking, the camera will shoot a series of images at different depths of field. You can merge them later to create an image that is sharp from one end to the other where it might have been challenging to create before.

Ok, so now you’re thinking, with all this good stuff…

Why would you consider the EOS 6D Mark II?

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  • You are an advanced enthusiast or professional photographer. Remember, Canon created the EOS R for beginners so that it won’t be as feature rich as the advanced amateur model, EOS 6D Mark II.

  • Your photography takes you into situations where a sturdy body or weather sealing is prudent. With a lighter, plastic construction and lack of weather sealing, the EOS RP is not as rugged as its DSLR cousin. If most of your shooting indoors running around with the family, the EOS RP should be fine. If you plan on taking your camera out into the elements or subjecting it to a demanding schedule, you are better off with the EOS 6D Mark II.

  • Your shooting will be over long periods where battery life is important. The EOS RP uses the smaller LP-E17 battery, rated for 250 exposures. The EOD 6D Mark II uses the LP-E6N, which lasts for 1,200 exposures.

That’s the comparison. Is the EOS RP a better deal for you? It depends. A full frame is a great choice, but which camera you should choose depends a lot on you.


Canon’s Promo Videos for Both Cameras


Your Turn

What camera upgrades are you considering and why?