108 - How to photograph automobiles with Jim Rose


Whether they are roaring by at 200 miles per hour or parked in the perfect light, automobiles can be both thrilling and challenging to photograph.

Jim Rose should know. He’s been a fan and photographer of automobiles for almost 40 years. A former Canon USA instructor, Jim learned photography because he wanted something to do while he was watching cars race.

He turned photography into a career with Canon and now he’s here to share his best lessons on how to photograph automobiles.


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Automotive photos by Jim Rose

All photos by Jim Rose. Reprinted with permission.

Jim Rose, former Canon USA instructor.

Jim Rose, former Canon USA instructor.

If you were into Canon photography in San Francisco, you likely learned from Jim Rose. Jim Rose was a Canon Trainer for Canon USA who ran the San Francisco and Bay Area Canon Live Learning location. He was one of the favorite instructors in the program, as he drew from his experience shooting events for Canon that included Super Bowls, Olympic Games, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and Formula One auto races in Japan and the United States.

In addition to San Francisco classes, he has conducted workshops in Yosemite, Yellowstone, Death Valley, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks.

I loved working with Jim because he always had so many creative ways of teaching and helping new photographers. After we left Canon, I knew I wanted to bring Jim onto the podcast, but he teaches so many things well, it was hard to decide what to ask of him first. In the end, I remembered his passion for automobiles and thought that would be a great place to start. As you’ll see, Jim knows the sport well and is a great instructor. Here’s my conversation with Jim Rose.

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