Using Canon DSLR Custom Menus

Canon Custom Menu .jpg

If you find yourself having to move quickly from one shooting situation to the other, Canon’s Custom Modes options can be helpful. The Custom Modes are a simple way to save all the settings for a situation you frequently shoot so that you can go back to those settings with a flip of a button. It is a very convenient tool that You’ll find on most of Canon’s enthusiast to pro-level DSLRs.

On my Canon EOS R, I set up my Custom Menu options for three situations I face in travel and street photography. For instance, here are my default settings.


Watch the tutorial


There’s no limit to the way you can use this tool. For instance, a wedding photographer might use one setting for outside and another inside. Sports photographers might have custom settings for baseball and one custom setting for football. The key is that you are moving from one situation to another that requires very different settings and not a lot of time to make the adjustments.

How you do it.

Choose the full range of settings for your scene or shoot. In your yellow settings menu, you should see an option for your Custom Shooting Mode. That selection should lead you to an option to Register Your Settings. There you will choose the C# you want to assign that setup. That should do it!

Now every time you turn to that Custom Menu, your settings should appear as you selected them. You can still adjust settings from that mode. To go back to your saved settings, you will have to do one of two things — 1) turn the camera off and back on or 2) change to another mode and back again.

It’s your turn


Think about any situation where you potentially have to move from very different shooting situations quickly.

Try it out, and let me know how you use your custom modes.