114 - Choosing the right shooting mode on your DSLR

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If you just purchased your first DSLR or you have one that you don’t understand, today we’ll have a valuable lesson. We’ll talk about which shooting mode should you choose and when. Your DSLR demystified today!


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  • 4:26 - Basics of Exposure

  • 9:18 - Aperture/Depth of Field

  • 18:21 - Shutter Speed/Motion or Movement

  • 27:53 - ISO/How much light do you need

  • 34:17 - Shooting Modes

  • 45:58 - Decision Tree - How to choose the right shooting mode


Today, we go back to basics. I’ve heard from a number of you that you are struggling to learn your DSLRs…that you struggle with shooting in manual mode. That you aren’t sure what all the buttons on your camera do. That you need to be more comfortable learning your camera. Well, I have a couple of resources for you.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the basics of exposure, all of the options in your creative modes; and how you choose the correct shooting mode. By the end of this podcast, you should have a process to start taking control of your camera.


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