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107 - Which lens should I buy next?

You’ve asked it. You know you’ve asked it. 

It might have been when you were just starting photography. It might have been last week. But at some point you asked… which lens should I buy next?

Today, I answer that question and introduce the guide to Canon lenses. This helps you from the journey from your kit lens to your best lens.

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Is the EOS RP a better value than the EOS 6D Mark II?

I was browsing through the Canon Camera Users FB Group when I saw this question from Daniel.

“So I have an 80D that I use for generally everything — family events, selfies, going to zoos - but I was wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to the 6D Mark II or just stay where I’m at.”

I jotted a quick answer to Daniel, but I wanted to offer a different option. Here’s what I would have said if I had the time and space.

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What's wrong with today's camera reviews?

I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly I disliked about the current crop of camera reviews until I heard Scott Kelby say it.

It’s not just that the reviewers are snarky. It’s that many times they are inaccurate or just unfairly biased. The result? If you rely on some reviews for your next camera purchase, you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

Here are some ideas to help us better sift through the noise and find helpful information.

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