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About the podcast


EOS Photographer is the podcast created to help you master your gear and your craft. Created by a Canon alum and fueled by insiders, this is the independent platform with the resources to help you reach your photography goals faster and with confidence.

This podcast will feature:

  • Interviews with great photography instructors

  • Q&A with technical experts

  • Photo Challenges

  • Real world gear reviews


Occasionally Asked Questions

What is EOS Photographer

EOS Photographer is an online educational platform that teaches photography using the Canon brand. We are fueled by a podcast where creatives can learn how to master your gear and your art. Our blog will also share industry news and helpful tips for photographers.

Why only Canon? Why not all brands?

As a former Canon employee, I found Canon produces the most thoughtful and well-designed cameras for just about every creative application. Canon also supports its users with the most complete ecosystem I have experienced. So yes, I’m a true believer.

The camera industry is replete with learning platforms that spread across all companies. I wanted to create a resource for photographers who have chosen the Canon brand. That will allow me to provide a deeper level of support than you can expect from a resource that has to cater to all manufacturers. -Lyn

Are you affiliated with Canon in any way?

No, this site is completely independent. The views and advice we provide are done with no influence from Canon the company.

What do you mean by an insider?

We have an insider’s mentality. I curate and edit all information with the same rigor used when I was an employee. Instructors, contributors, and sources are all held the same standards of accuracy I would expect if this information was published under the brand.

Does that mean your reviews just follow the 'company line?’

Absolutely not. As an independent publication, my loyalty is to the readers and podcast listeners. We will support the brand while providing honest and authentic analyses of its products and programs.

Will you provide workshops or any other training?

Yes. As a companion to the free content on the blog and podcast, users who want a more personalized learning experience will have the opportunity to take advantage of online training, a membership coaching program, and destination workshops.

How can I submit a question for your Q&A segments?

Please send all your questions or comments to lyn@eosphotographer.com